As explained there is a huge amount of possible causes for the onset of tinnitus.

Some common causes of tinnitus (loud ringing in ears) are as follows (there are loads more)….

  • cerumen build-up (aka earwax)
  • sudden loud noises (e.g. rock concerts have left some fans with loud ringing in ears for days)
  • Damage to the inner or outer ear
  • neurological disorders
  • migraine
  • head trauma
  • ear infections
  • antibiotic side effects
  • loud noise exposure over extended periods of time
  • shock
  • chemotherapy
  • vitamin deficiency
  • iron deficiency
  • anxiety and or depression
  • fibro-myalgia
  • ageing (according to some sources!)
  • sleep deprivation

A loud ringing in ears can be, as the list above shows, caused by a wide variety of issues.

In some cases there is a link between some hearing loss and tinnitus.  This is because many of the same issues that cause general hearing loss are also suspected of causing tinnitus. However this is not always the case, and indeed many people do not suffer permanent damage to hearing and the loud ringing in ears can be managed.

Something to be aware of is that many of the causes of tinnitus are indirect – for example a vitamin deficiency may cause tinnitus in one person but not another, making it exceptionally difficult for a successful diagnosis. Worse, tinnitus because of the very nature of the disorder, the ringing or the buzzing or the hissing that you hear may be perceived noise and not real noise.